She Was Tired Of Her Husband’s High Powered Sex Drive, What She Got Him Is Absolutely…

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A wife struggling with her husband’s high libido has bought a lookalike sex doll in order to take the pressure off if she’s not in the mood.

23-year-old Charlotte Grey splashed out $1,800 on the racy replica for her sexed-up spouse 28-year-old Callum Black only to discover that she has also developed feelings for the dirty doll, named Dee. The pair claim that the doll has reignited their love life and given them a new passion for each other.

Charlotte confessed that she bought her husband a sex doll that looked like her so that he could satisfy his sexual needs. She also shared that it’s great that her husband has a high sex drive but when she is not in the mood ‘he’s got the doll’.

“It’s great because Callum has a high sex drive and if I’m not in the mood he’s got Dee there. We both love experimenting with her – and she regularly joins our steamy sessions, too,” she said.

Charlotte further shared that Dee is not just an inanimate doll for them but a family member. Pictures of the couple posing with the sex doll have been going viral on social media.

She said that Dee joins them when they are watching TV or going out on long drives. Thanks to Dee, Charlotte said that their sex life is ‘on fire’. “She’s not “just a doll” – we’re really attached to her. She’s helped to strengthen our relationship and set our sex lives on fire,” Char said.

Outside of the bedroom, Dee has also become an important part of the couple’s relationship.

Charlotte and Callum dress the doll up in white lingerie and take her out on car rides. She also sits beside them when they watch their favorite TV show, “The Inbetweeners,” together.

The pair proclaim that they “don’t care what anyone thinks” as bringing Dee into their life has “worked for them.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Callum are OnlyFans stars who can make upwards of $80,000 a month.

The pair have also brought Dee on camera for cameos, and many of their 2,000 subscribers have similarly become enamored with the inanimate object.

However, Dee doesn’t always join the couple for their sex sessions and is occasionally placed in a studio while they enjoy alone time.

“We’d never put her away in a cupboard,” Char declared. “She has had a positive impact on us as a couple. If anything, she’s brought us closer together.”

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