She Refused To Meet A Man From A Dating App After Seeing A Small Detail She Saw In A Photo….

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In today’s online dating world, you almost never really know who you’re speaking with until you meet them in person.

One woman was able to realize that she was being catfished by a man on Bumble thanks to an Apple Watch!

29-year-old Jocelyn from Ontario, Canada, said she matched with a handsome guy called Myles on Bumble, with the pair exchanging a few messages.

Careful not to dive in too quickly, she explained that she didn’t give away much information about herself, but she thought he was ‘cute’ and they swapped numbers.

It didn’t take long before Jocelyn gave Myles her phone number and asked him to text her so they could arrange to meet for dinner. There weren’t any red flags at this point, but as soon as Myles sent her a text, she was on high alert, and it had nothing to do with anything he typed.

Jocelyn immediately noticed that Myles’ texts were in green. She has an iPhone, and on an iPhone, texts from people with other iPhones are blue, but texts from people who have another type of phone, such as an android phone, are green. This wouldn’t have bothered her except for something she noticed in one of Myles’ pictures. He was wearing an Apple watch.

Well, it wouldn’t be particularly suspicious if his messages to Jocelyn were coming through as iMessages… but they weren’t, they were coming through as texts as if he was messaging from an Android phone.

“So I do a reverse image search of some of the pictures he used on his profile, and what do we have here? An Instagram model from New York!” she said. That’s how she found a profile for a Brooklyn-based man named Ron. “I live in Ontario, so math’s not mathing. The guy I matched with is pretending to be somebody named Myles — not Ron, the actual guy who’s in the picture. Thankfully, I hardly spoke to this guy and invested zero percent of my time, and have not even told him yet that I know that he’s catfishing me.”

In an update to the video, Jocelyn shared that Myles never replied to her last text. Some TikTok users suggested she send him a screenshot of Ron’s Instagram, but considering he never relied to her, she never sent the screenshot.

While Jocelyn isn’t 100% sure why Myles stopped texting her, she does know that his Bumble account was deleted, and that may have tipped him off that something was up.

Bumble actually replied to her first video about Myles commenting, “We’re so sorry to hear about this! We’ve found the member and permanently removed them.”

Watch the TikTok video below:

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