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For many people, marriage means a life-long commitment and an unassailable promise. However, there are also some who are addicted –not to their partner, but to the very idea of marriage.

One such woman is Monette Dias, based in Utah, who recently appeared on the TLC show Addicted To Marriage where she opened up about her unusual fixation. Notably, the 53-year-old woman has been married 11 times, and she’s hoping to make it an even dozen.

“I definitely am in love with love,” she said on the TLC show.

The interior designer shared that she was raised in a Christian household where she couldn’t get intimate with anyone till she married. She claims that that drove her to get married when she and her then-boyfriend felt life getting intimate.

She told the media that after she dates a guy for a few months, they suggest getting married when she reveals she won’t get intimate without tying the knot.

Nevertheless, she clarifies that getting intimate isn’t the only reason she married. She said she believes in love and thinks every time that they are ‘the one’. She blames all this on her falling in love too quickly.

Now, her friends and family are so used to her marrying that she isn’t embarrassed to make the announcement.

“I had crushes on my older brother’s friends. I always picked which one I was going to marry,” she said. “I always fantasized about what my wedding would be like, what my husband would be like.”

Dias confessed that her first nine marriages were simply done so she could have sex. Because the Mormon religion has a very strict rule that there is no sex before marriage, Dias quickly got married so she could have sex with the man.

“You always were supposed to have a husband,” she said. “You didn’t have sex outside of marriage.”

Because she loved love, she was always seeking intimacy with a man. However, her marriages did not often work out, and she has been divorced eleven times after eleven marriages.

“Intimacy was a big driving force for me, and so once I was with someone, and we got to that point [of having sex], it was like, ‘We got to get married, or we have to break up.’ So it was usually the marriage,” she said.

In the finale episode of Season 1 of ‘Addicted to Marriage’, we see Monette Dias with a new boyfriend, a possible eye candy, for sure!

Monette recently broke up with her previous boyfriend, John, this being her 11th relationship overall. It seemed as though Monette reached her wit’s end with John’s need for constant reassurance regarding their current relationship, as well as the continuous questioning regarding all of her past relationships.

It’s safe to say that it’s tough luck for John but completely justified as well, being bothered by Monette’s relationship issues.

Another aspect that probably worked out to John’s benefit is that Monette throws cash around, not knowing it’s worth one bit, and this definitely was something that began to worry John from the very start. Probably worked out for the best.

Here’s what fans have to say about the finale episode of Season 1 of ‘Addicted to Marriage’, in regard to Monette.

One fan said, “Baybayyyyy Monette don’t play!!! That Smiling cat face with open mouth gets NO rest in between husbands!! #Addictedtomarriage”, while another tweeted, “Monette has a new man already!!?? WTF am I doing wrong? #AddictedtoMarriage”.

One fan shared, “#addictedtomarriage #TLC Monette: I’m 52 years old, and I’ve been married 11 times. Ma’am, might I suggest therapy??? That’s just downright scary!”, while another said, ““Nobody likes a quitter.” -Monette #AddictedToMarriage”.

Her shortest marriage lasted for just six weeks, while her longest was 10 years. However, despite all this, she has not given up on love, hope she is lucky in finding this time, at least!

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