Russia’s Latest Plot To Take Ukraine Is Straight Out Of Hollywood

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Putin has claimed that Ukraine is like his Taiwan. He wants to take it over, and that is becoming more and more apparent when you consider what he has been planning. Last month Putin was talking about replacing Ukraine’s leader with a more pro-Russia leader, and when they got it he came up with a new plan that looks like a huge production. In order to justify an invasion into Ukraine, Putin is thinking about fabricating genocide against Russians, making it look like Ukrainians have been killing Russians.

The plot involves the release of a video, the official said, that would accuse Ukraine of conducting genocide against Russian speakers. It includes the staged aftermath of an explosion, as well as video of destroyed locations with images of corpses and faked Ukrainian military equipment, the official said.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said at a briefing that the U.S. publicized information about the plan to expose “Russia’s destabilizing actions towards Ukraine and dissuade Russia from continuing this dangerous campaign and ultimately launching a military attack.”

It is the second release of intelligence by Western officials designed to thwart a Russian disinformation campaign. Last month, British officials released intelligence that the Kremlin was developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine.”

The Ukraine briefing, James Risch, R-Idaho said, “only makes the case that this is more pressing, more timely, and that time, in this regard, if we want to be preventative, is of the essence.”

“Russia is in the process of producing movies, producing press releases, producing false proof that the Ukrainians are doing something to provoke them. It’s important that you get that out there and that the world understands that this is a false operation to try to justify them in an invasion,” he said. “Take my word for it. That is happening.”

Wow, well you have to hand it to him, it is creative. But by releasing it to the public like this, the plan is shot. So Putin will have to come up with a new angle, and it’s looking like the Ukraine conflict is coming sooner than later.

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