Rumor Has It Than Meghan Markle Could Be Throwing Her Hat In The Ring For…

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New reports are suggesting that Meghan Markle is eyeing a presidential run, using the outrage and excitement that came from her recent interview with Oprah to launch a political career.

On Sunday, the Daily Mail reported that “a veteran of Tony Blair’s Downing Street administration with strong links to Washington” and added that Markle is networking with top Democrats.

“The Blairite, internationalist and Democratic party networks are buzzing with talk about Meghan’s political ambitions and potential backers,” their source added.

The Daily Mail source went on to state that Markle is eyeing a run as early as 2024.

Tatum Report reports that former Trump senior advisor, Jason Miller, declared that Markle is “no good.”

Deadline reports that Miller shared the remarks while appearing on Stephen Bannon’s “War Room” podcast last week.

“ ‘She’s no good … I said it and now everybody is seeing it,’ ” Trump said, according to Miller. “ ‘Piers Morgan is the best, he’s the greatest, and they went and tried to cancel him simply because he criticized Meghan Markle.’ ”

Trump reportedly told Miller to share his remarks to “make a little news,” but warned him, ” ‘You realize if you say anything negative about Meghan Markle you get canceled, look at Piers.’ ”

“One of the reasons she was so keen not to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics. I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles she would seriously consider running for president,” an alleged “close friend” of Markle stated.

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