ROFL! “Trump” Advertises for Israels Top Phone Company

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Bezeq, an Israeli telecom company, is taking full advantage of President Trump’s visit to The Holy Land this past week by releasing a very funny ad that we think would even get a laugh or two out of the POTUS himself.

Gidi Gov, an Israeli actor, is on a tour of The White House when he realizes he is alone in the Oval Office, staring at the alleged Trump hair piece and his suit… and then things escalated quickly…

As written for The Daily Wire by Chase Stephens:

He does his best to play the part by pouting his lips and repeating the words, “tremendous,” “China,” and even squeezing in a “Crooked Hillary.”

After delivering his spiel promoting the Bezeq’s new secure internet service called Smart Net, the imposter is outed when the real Trump shows up in his bathrobe and asks, “What the hell is going on?” in what appears to be actual Trump audio.

As the actor is being pulled away from the room, he tells them “not the hair, not the hair!” in Hebrew.

Video LOL: Trump Advertising For Israel’s Leading Phone Company


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