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Delta Treats It’s Passengers To Some Free Water

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Here we go again! Didn’t flying use to be fun?! Delta passengers were given some extra water during their flight from Atlanta to Florida this past week… except it was dripping from the freaking ceiling of the plane!

Per the video, passengers are seen using magazines above them to help control the trickle of water coming down on them. And, allegedly, flight attendants didn’t address this whatsoever until the flight was in it’s final descent then they stuffed NAPKINS into the ceiling spots to “rectify” the situation.


One passenger, Tom McMullough, can be seen in the video laughing about the situation and even jokes that the plane “is peeing on him” — LOL — as he uses magazines to in his attempt to control the situation.

‘Look at your shorts! You’re soaked!’ his wife exclaims. She then asks: “How much was your ticket, hon’? ‘These tickets were $1,800,’ he answers. ‘Eighteen hundred dollar tickets. Lovely, that’s just lovely,’ she says.


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