How To Debunk Hillary Clinton’s 17 Intel Agency Claims At One Time

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BOOM! This is how you do it! The former and failed presidential hopeful was practically begging for Russian angle in this particular interview, even going as far as to exaggerate quite a bit throughout.

This Daily Caller host though dubbed over Clinton and it’s just… great…


During an interview Wednesday with the tech news outlet Recode, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton discussed at length her belief that Russian interference in the 2016 election harmed her chances of winning.

“Read the declassified report by the intelligence community that came out in early January,” said Clinton. “Seventeen agencies, all in agreement – which I know from my experience as a senator and secretary of state is hard to get – they concluded with ‘high confidence’ that the Russians ran an extensive information war against my campaign to influence voters in the election.”

As Written and Reported By Anders Hagstrom for the Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton proffered the idea that 17 intelligence agencies all agreed that Russia had meddled in the 2016 election to ensure she wasn’t elected, but it’s not true.

Clinton’s claim references the 2017 National Intelligence report that claimed with “high confidence” that Russia had meddled in the election. There’s only one problem: The report was compiled by three agencies, not 17. Only the CIA, FBI, and NSA worked to compile the report. The Daily Caller News Foundation fact-checked this claim nine months ago, but the mainstream media has continued pushing it.

Most recently, CNN’s Jim Sciutto made the claim in mid-February. The likely reason they’re so interested in pushing the claim is that 17 intelligence agencies sound much more impressive and daunting than three or four. There’s no evidence indicating that Russia’s efforts had any effect on the outcome of the election.

In fact, Russia’s stated goal in meddling was not to impact the outcome but to weaken the American public’s trust in the government, a goal the mainstream media seems to share….

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