The Progressive Movement Rejects the Principles Laid Out in the Declaration of Indepence 

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In this video, radio host and author Mark Levin address the fact that the progressive movement rejects the very principles of the Declaration of Independence. Where do you and the writers of the Declaration think that your freedoms come from? Where do the liberal progressives think that your freedoms are granted by? Watch this video and hear Mr. Levin explain.

As Written, reported by and seen first on Fox News:

Radio host Mark Levin, author of “Rediscovering Americanism,” criticized the progressive movement for “rejecting” the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

Ahead of Independence Day, the New York Times ran a full-page feature on the Constitution.

Levin said the feature was just another example of the progressive left misunderstanding American history and the principles of this country.

He noted Constitution Day is September 17, and that July 4 instead honors the Declaration of Independence.

“The entire progressive movement rejects the Declaration of Independence,” Levin, a former DOJ chief of staff, said.


Mark Levin: ‘The Entire Progressive Movement Rejects the Declaration of Independence’ | Fox News Insider

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