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Parkland Survivor Drops BOMBSHELL Statement Against ‘March for Our Lives’ Protests

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A Parkland survivor and pro-gun advocate, took to the airwaves with Fox News to take down the misguided children of the “March for our lives” protests

He’s pleaded for young people to stop blaming the National Rifle Association for mass killings. He realizes that the NRA is absolutely not responsible for the actions that people choose to do.

Of course, this young man is not getting nearly as much attention as his fellow anti-Trump, brainwashed, students.

“I saw this [march] as extremely anti-GOP,” Kashuv told Fox News after attending the event. “One of the biggest causes of this march is to be anti-Republican.”

“Guns aren’t the issue. It’s everything surrounding acquiring a weapon,” Kashuv said. “I talked to so many marchers and they don’t have a clear-cut solution. And it pains me not to see the government being held accountable for their failures. I don’t see anyone blaming Sheriff Scott Israel for failing to do what he was supposed to do.”

“I don’t see anyone looking at the FBI and saying, ‘How come two reports weren’t followed through?’ I don’t see anyone going, ’78 reports to the Broward Sheriff’s office and nothing is done.’… How come we don’t hear speakers talking about this subject?”

As reported by Yahoo:

In an interview with Fox, the 16-year-old said that he was in a classroom when the shooting began and ended up hiding in a closet for two hours until a SWAT team could clear the area. Kashuv said he had never met Nikolas Cruz but did know one of the students who was killed. According to Inside Edition, he was fourth in his class.

He was first interviewed by a CNN reporter on a #NeverAgain bus to Tallahassee. 

One of the earliest mentions of him in the media is a CNN piece from Feb. 20, in which students on a bus to the state’s capital were interviewed. Kashuv is described in the piece as a “Republican and Trump supporter” whose “pro-gun stance has changed a bit.” In a video of him tweeted by CNN’s Dianne Gallagher, he discusses wanting to add restrictionsto gun sales, specifically regarding mental health. “I have always been very pro-gun … we should be able to defend ourselves,” he says. “But I think there should be a limit to who should acquire such weaponry.”

Since then, he has distanced himself from the #NeverAgain group, specifically David Hogg.

In the weeks since the tragedy, Kashuv seems to have distanced himself from classmates like Hogg and called out what he considered to be the hypocrisy of their comments. He’s specifically expressed outrage at Hogg for reportedly hanging up on President Trump during a phone conversation about gun control. He’s also sternly against the group’s main goal: limiting access to AR-15s.

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