Parents Beware: Disney+ Features ‘Gay Christmas’ Doc That Even They Admit Isn’t Safe for Children

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It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone with a pulse that Disney would feature an LGBT documentary to celebrate “pride month” in June.

That documentary, “Pride from Above,” is from National Geographic (which is owned by Disney), and can be seen on any number of affiliated streaming services, such as the kid-oriented Disney+. The documentary is the usual pro-LGBT fluff you’d expect, but with the added gimmick of using drones to capture much of this propaganda from a birds-eye view “from above.”

Apart from the gimmick, however, the 45-minute documentary includes tons of questionable material. Newsbusters cites that children were taken to an LGBT “pride” parade, an elderly man touting the virtues of pride as “gay Christmas,” and a host of sexual imagery and language (at one point in the movie, there is reportedly a person in a wheelchair holding a sign that says “I get horny too.”)

As much debauchery as that all is, it’s become part and parcel with the LGBT movement in modern times.


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And, according to Disney themselves, the “pride” documentary it so proudly tweeted out about is (get ready for this one) is not suitable for children at all!

Indeed, The Western Journal investigated the various profile restrictions on Disney+ and discovered that “Pride from Above” is only accessible through an adult Disney+ account, or a child’s account with specific permissions turned on.

But the default position of Disney, ironically, in this instance is that “pride” is explicitly something meant for those who are 18 or older.

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If you try to search for the documentary under a “children’s profile,” (again, with the default permissions) nothing appears when you look for “pride” or “pride from above.”

“No results found for ‘pride from above,’” greets you when searching for the documentary under a kid’s profile. “Some content may be hidden due to parental controls.”

Now, this could mean one of two things, neither of which is a glowing look for Disney or the LGBT movement.

Option A: This was a deliberate choice by Disney and its content moderators to exclude this documentary from being accessible to children.

That would be a dramatic departure from the crazed lunacy you see inundating all manner of Disney properties (which are all focused on serving children.) It would also be a tacit admission that whatever has become of the “pride” movement has long since left any semblance of sensibility behind eons ago.


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Option B: This was all automated on the streaming application’s backend, and Disney had no manual say over the document being hidden for restrictive profiles.

That’s no longer a tacit admission, but a flagrant one from artificial intelligence (which ostensibly strips all semblance of emotions and feelings out of the equation) that nothing about the LGBT movement is suitable for kids.

Whether this is manual or clerical error, it shows that on an innate level, even the Walt Disney Company and/or computers recognize that children shouldn’t be exposed to LGBT propaganda.

For most sane Americans, that’s been painfully obvious for years now.

Now, how long before Disney rapidly backtracks and apologizes for this “error”?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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