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The now-viral photograph of King Charles III showcases the monarch with a bizarre feature. Some individuals have questioned if King Charles III is healthy enough to serve as the monarch of the United Kingdom since the king’s fingers appear swollen and unwell. While others think that his swollen fingers just indicate that he had a busy day, as social media users are aghast at the King’s photo.

The photo drew a number of comments from users on Reddit where the photo appeared. The post of the king’s fingers was uploaded to Reddit with the simple caption “The King’s fingers” without the apostrophe. With more than 15,000 people have voted the post up and hundreds have commented on it from all across the world.

Charles III was seen clutching his hands in front of his jacket in the now-famous portrait of the new king. He has a golden ring on his pinkie finger and appears to be touching his two index fingers together. The ring seems to be too tiny for the king’s enlarged fingers.

One user said,That ring is holding on for dear life.”

“Can he please take the ring off? one added.

Some others hypothesized that the next king might have hypertension.

One wrote, “He’s running 32psi boost.”

“In humans, we say 180/120,” another said.

King Charles II will still probably continue to live for a while, if he is anything like his mother, as some Reddit users expressed their fears that King Charles III might not be long for this world.

One said, “That’s a sign for a not-very-long-reign… because it’s heart disease.”

“Or kidney failure, I’m sure someone has a betting pool over what is actually causing the edema, lol.” another Reddit user added.

The king’s enlarged fingers even inspired some bizarre conspiracy theories from some people.

“He’s had these fingers for a long, long time, though. My personal theory is that he has ten fingers per hand and wears gloves so as to not terrify the townspeople.”

The king might not be suffering from heart disease but arthritis instead, one person suggested.

“I’m basically a doctor (I googled “red nose ears sausage fingers,” so don’t @ me. I did my research). This is likely either arthritis or some long-term, well-managed autoimmune condition. I’ve found weak references back to 1982 when Charles wrote about it in a letter. I found a better reference from 2005 where it’s directly referenced.”

“I watched a Diana documentary recently, and his fingers looked like that when he was in his 30s too. So either he’s had whatever disease his entire life (very possible,) or he’s just got crazy ham hands,” Another user said, saying that the king has been dealing with swollen fingers for decades.

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