And Now There’s A “Gender Fluid Mothers Day”

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So… the New York Times went “above and beyond” (WAY F’ing BEYOND) and released a video of a drag queen reading a story to a kid…

The video features someone named Ona Louise reading to a kid as part of… “Drag Queen Story Hours” (WTF). In the video, Louise states that there are multiple ways to celebrate mothers…

“I guess the social construct of Mother’s Day is this gender role of domestic work, women’s work. Traditionally you give mom a day off because she does all these domestic things for the household. But things are different and some families don’t have moms at all. They either have two dads or different people who play that role for them, and it’s important to experience different gender and what that looks like,” Louise says in the video.

“This is why I’d like to propose that we scrap both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for good. And in the spirit of both inclusivity and selfishness, I’d like to propose a new holiday called ‘Guardian’s Day.’ Guardian’s Day, which has a nice sci-fi fantasy ring to it, will be a rotating statutory holiday — meaning you can celebrate it any day you please, and you can interpret it any way you like,” Emma Teitel wrote.


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