NFL Star’s Hate Crime Hoax Inspires Actor To Do The Same

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It’s one thing to use hate to push your own view of the world or a particular person, but to exploit hate with the intention of making people feel sorry for you just for your own personal gain is just disgusting.

The most recent example of this comes from Chicago. Actor Jussie Smollett, known best from Empire, believed that sympathy could somehow net him a larger paycheck.

Smollett paid two on-set extras from Empire to commit a phony hate crime against him. They planned out the crime and utilized both racist and homophobic slurs in the process.

At first, all of Chicago was appalled and jumped to be in support of the actor. Smollett’s story quickly fell apart, however, after only a few hours of investigation by the Chicago police department. It was apparent that the entire incident was set up by the television actor in order to gain notoriety allowing Smollett to renegotiate his contract based on his new position in the eyes of modern society.

A special prosecutor has been appointed to the ongoing case to investigate the reasons for this anti-climactic crime.

The discovery of this fraud hasn’t stopped others from attempting similar disingenuous acts for attention.

A former NFL player has been arrested in Georgia for vandalizing his own business with racist slurs and the phrase “MAGA,” to make it appear as if Trump supporters and racists attacked him.

Former Washington Redskins tackle Edawn Coughman, 31, was arrested in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on September 11 after someone reported the vandalism of his small restaurant.

When police arrived, they observed Coughman driving away from the place in a black Chevy Silverado. When they pulled him over, officers discovered a number of flatscreen TVs still on brackets in the truck’s bed. The TVs appeared to have been ripped from the walls of the restaurant.

To make matters worse for himself, Coughman had cans of spray paint used in the alleged crime in his truck, further illuminating the hoax for investigators.

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