New York Couple Finds Something Amazing Hiding In The Walls Of Their Home

Sometimes old homes give off that vibe of having secrets hidden within its walls. A couple in upstate New York literally found something hiding in their house after hearing rumors about the history of their home.

In what they call a "wild discovery" the couple uncovered what seems to be an old bootlegger's supply of booze hidden in the walls of their house. Upon further inspection, they also say that there are hidden compartments with bottles of the alcohol dated all the way back to the 1920s.

Owner of the house, Nick Drummond along with his partner Patrick confirmed to reporters that so far "it's about sixty bottles actually, and there are more compartments we have to open in the floor. I definitely think there is more to find! Maybe thirty percent of the bottles are full."

Drummond said they had heard rumors about the house.

“We were actually told by a neighbor that the home was rumored to have been built by a bootlegger and a German baron and found the story endearing, but took it with a grain of salt," he said.

Drummond added, "We never thought any part of the story was actually true!”

The homeowner explained, “The more we keep digging, the more we've found, too! We set up an Instagram account called @bootleggerbungalow and have been trying to document the discoveries alongside our renovation. Our followers have actually been helping us solve the mystery!”

Drummond was very excited about the discovery and told news outlets that his research has led him to believe that the bottles and the hidden compartment in which they were found were used by a bootlegger named Adolph Humpfner. He went on to explain that after the bootlegger's mysterious death, secret compartments were found around his other properties and vehicles.

After learning of Humpfner's story Drummond said, "It's insane."

As for the discoveries made in his home, Drummond says that he is not "a whiskey expert by any means," but admitted that he does "enjoy a good whiskey from time to time."

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