New Footage From Epstein’s Jail Cell Blows The Case Wide Open

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From the beginning, the Jeffery Epstein case has had so many twists that it’s difficult to separate the details as fact or fiction anymore. At this point, we may never really know what happened in that jail cell on the night of his death. Will we ever even know if what he was accused of is true? Will we ever really know if Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were actually involved in the pedophilia that supposedly occurred on his infamous island?

The whole thing seems sketchy and corrupt. We already know that the surveillance cameras “weren’t working” on the night of Epstein’s death, but now the footage from the night he supposedly attempted suicide the first time has gone missing. It had completely disappeared, even prosecutors said the video footage no longer existed.

Well, that too is a lie because it has been found.

According to Yahoo,

A day after claiming that surveillance footage from Jeffery Epstein’s July 23 suicide attempt was missing, prosecutors confirmed that the video had actually been preserved by the Metropolitan Correctional Center staff.

“Earlier today, the government confirmed with MCC staff that the video was preserved by MCC staff upon defense counsel’s request,” federal prosecutor Jason Swergold wrote in a letter to Judge Kenneth Karas.

Karas is presiding over the case of accused quadruple murderer and former cop Nick Tartaglione, who shared Epstein’s cell at the time of the attempt. Epstein was found nearly unconscious with neck injuries in what was ruled a suicide attempt at the time, but news broke in August that Epstein had accused Tartaglione of inflicting the injuries.

“We are very pleased the video was preserved, as we had asked,” Bruce Barket, Tartaglione’s attorney said on early Friday morning. “We look forward to viewing it.”

It’s unbelievable that such a high profile case can have so many inconsistencies and convenient problems. First, the footage happens to not exist, then it does. The guards happen to be asleep and Epstein just happened to no longer be on suicide watch. He made his living off of blackmailing people so it makes sense that high profile people wanted him dead.

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