Nearly A Dozen Adults Charged With Child Sexual Assault During Witchcraft Rituals

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Eleven people are accused of taking part in a child sexual abuse ring also allegedly involving witchcraft, serious violence, and neglect.

The seven men and four women faced were arraigned Monday at the High Court in Glasglow, Scotland, on 43 charges, including child sex abuse reportedly involving witchcraft.

According to court reports, these satanic cult members all denied the charges put on them. They committed sadistic crimes against children for over a decade. Two girls, and a boy, had been abused in various forms from around January 2010 to March 2020.

To make things even worst, during the satanic ceremonies, the suspects sexually abused the older girl, gave her drugs and alcohol, forced her to eat cat food, and physically abused her, including running a wheelchair into her legs and nearly suffocating her with a plastic bag, according to reports.

11 adults in Scotland formed demonic ‘paedo ring’ which routinely raped and assaulted 3 children, performed witchcraft, killed animals: Report

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) August 4, 2022

More details of this horrific story from ‘Faithwire’:

A group of 11 adults in Glasgow, Scotland, have been arrested after reportedly committing sinister and sadistic crimes against three children for a decade.

The Glasgow Times reported that seven men and four women — Iain Owens, 43; Elaine Lannery, 38; Lesley Williams, 40; Paul Brannan, 40; Marianne Gallagher, 37; Scott Forbes, 49; Barry Watson, 46; Mark Carr, 49; Richard Gachagan, 44; Leona Laing, 50; and John Clark, 46 — were charged this week in an indictment referring to acts that included demonic rituals and “witchcraft.”

All the parties to the charges have been accused of forcing at least two of the children, a boy and a girl, to participate in “seances” and use a Ouija board “to call on spirits and demons.” They were furthermore forced to watch “classes involving witchcraft, point wands, and utter spells, thus causing them to believe that they could levitate,” The Scottish Sun reported.

CBN’s Faithwire has previously reported on the grave spiritual dangers of the Ouija board.

The other child was a little girl whom five of the defendants were accused of trying to kill when she was just weeks old, according to The Glasgow Times.

Included in the indictment were horrific allegations stating the defendants repeatedly raped all three of the children while other group members would “clap, cheer, and verbally encourage” what was happening. The assaults were purportedly recorded on video.

Court filings also state the group of adults would force the older girl “to act like a dog” and “eat cat and dog food, causing her to vomit.” Six of the group members would allegedly taunt her while “wearing a mask of the devil” while blowing smoke into her face after consuming drugs.

Satan and his agents are very real. Death penalty for all.

— Sir John Robert Seeley (@NxlAnglo) August 4, 2022


‘The Blaze’ also reported this sadistic cult:

Eleven adults in Scotland have been arrested and charged with various horrific crimes related to a so-called “paedo ring” that they allegedly ran for 10 years.

Iain Owens, 43, Elaine Lannery, 38, Lesley Williams, 40, Paul Brannan, 40, Marianne Gallagher, 37, Scott Forbes, 49, Barry Watson, 46, Mark Carr, 49, Richard Gachagan, 44, Leona Laing, 50, and John Clark, 46, all of the greater-Glasgow area, were brought before the High Court in Glasgow to face charges related to crimes they allegedly committed against three children, two girls and one boy, between January 2010 and March 2020.

The indictment claims that, at various times, six of the defendants shoved the younger female “into a microwave oven, an oven, a fridge, a freezer and cupboards including a cupboard containing an electricity meter.” They also supposedly hanged the girl on a hook by her sweater.

All eleven have been accused of repeatedly raping all three children. During some of the sexual assaults, other defendants would supposedly “clap, cheer and verbally encourage” as they filmed the rapes. At least two of the adults also allegedly engaged in sexual acts in front of the children.

Sources: WLT, The Blaze, Faithwire

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