MSNBC’s Failed Attempt to Psychoanalyze Trump

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Nell Daly, a psychotherapist and recent guest on MSNBC, decided to go alt-left field in regards to her own views of President Donald Trump’s mental state today, even going as far as to urge the President to call her for a therapy session, LOL.

“Also, for me, in terms of looking at his mental health, which I can’t totally commentate on–I’ve obviously never treated him in my office, although he’s free to call me if he needs one, which I think he does–but I will say that under times of stress people decompensate,” she said.

“When men decompensate in particular they have impulse control issues,” she continued. “That’s what’s concerning to me and they lash out, usually with violence or with this type of harassment.”

“P.S. cyber bullying is actually illegal in many states in this country,” she added.


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