‘Mom, It’s So Hard’ And ‘I’m Scared’: Russian Soldiers Last Messages Before His Death

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Nothing really shows just how raw and misled the young Russian soldiers are feeling quite like the messages of a soldier to his mother moments before his reported death. They were read aloud by Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.N. Sergiy Kyslytsya at the U.N. General Assembly Emergency Meeting on Monday. “I would like to read from a screenshot of a smartphone of a killed Russian soldier,” he said, before reading the exchange in Russian.

Photos of the texts were released earlier by the Security Service of Ukraine on Telegram (an instant messaging service) and published in the Ukrainian media outlet Ukrinform. The circumstances surrounding the soldier’s death were not disclosed, other than it occurred in combat. Kyslytsya said the texts were sent “several moments before he was killed.”

In the exchange that has only been verified by Ukrainian sources, the soldier tells his mother, in Russian, that he is no longer in Crimea doing training exercises. When his mother asks if she can send him a parcel, he says “the only thing I want now is to hang myself.” He goes on to explain that he is in Ukraine, where there is a “real war.”

“I’m scared, we’re hitting everyone, even civilians,” he wrote. “We had been told that people would welcome us here but they jump under our vehicles, not letting us pass. They call us fascists. Mom, it’s so hard.”

“If you want to just visual the magnitude of the tragedy, you have to imagine next to you, next to every nameplate of every single country in this general assembly, more than 30 souls of killed Russian soldiers already,” said Kyslytsya, when he finished reading the text messages. “Next to every name of every single country in this assembly, 30 plus killed Russian soldiers. Hundreds of killed Ukrainians. Dozens of killed children. And it goes on and on and on.”

This comes as Ukraine and its allies called for a United Nations inquiry into possible war crimes committed by Russia during its actions in Ukraine.

The soldier’s messages prove what we already knew to be true—Putin’s claim that he is not attacking civilians is total BS. Just like everything else.

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