Members Of The KKK Get A Smack Down While Trying To Hold A Rally

There have been more than a few protests and rallies over the last year but at least those in participation claimed to be part of a cause that was for the greater good. People would gather together and state their case peacefully with signs or chants knowing they had some strength in numbers. The idea is that humankind will be better off for it and progress will have been made.

But sometimes a group of people shows up to protest something that would only set our species back decades. Like the White Lives Matter rally that got shut down early in Orange County when a much bigger group came to counter the negative message and quite literally sent them running with their tails behind their legs.

The event took place Sunday in Huntington Beach, California when one group clashed with the other and several heated verbal arguments broke out until it eventually got physical.

The good samaritans outnumbered the WLM protesters all day. If more protesters came to join the cause, even more counter-protesters would show up to keep them outmanned.

The plan worked like a charm and the huge crowd chased three men away without even laying a hand on them.

Police presence was heavy all throughout the day and when things began to take a turn to the worse they declared an unlawful assembly and cleared everyone out of the streets. Purportedly the KKK was the mastermind behind this failed event.

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