Even President Trump Is Shocked When Biden Gives This Crazy Answer

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth again after President Trump set him up during an exchange about the oil and gas industry.

In a manner similar to how he set up Hillary Clinton about coal, the president asked Joe Biden if he planned on ending the oil industry and Biden said without hesitation, “Yes, I would transition from the oil industry.”

The moderator, television journalist for NBC Kristen Welker seems shocked by his answer and asked him, “Uh, why would you do that?”

President Trump questioned Biden about his statement and his stance on fracking. Biden claimed over and over that he never said he would ban fracking and told Trump to play the tape to prove his point.

Here is the tape in question.

While what Joe Biden said about fracking may not make any difference one way or another for President Trump nationally, it will move the needle in Pennsylvania and that is really what matters.

President Trump also criticized Biden for his disastrous green energy plan.

At one point Joe Biden became so rattled by the line of questions that he checked his watch to see if it was over yet.

While on the topic of immigration, President Trump blasted Joe Biden and the former Obama administration for constructing the cages that children were kept locked in.

Another winning moment for President Trump is when he dissected Biden’s career asking him why he hadn’t done anything to make a positive change while he has been in Washington for the past 47 years.

Overall, it wasn’t a good night for Biden and he basically served the win to President Trump on a silver platter.

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