Megyn Kelly takes on Inforwars’ Alex Jones

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Infowars’ Alex Jones appeared with Megyn Kelly and the interview got fairly… strange. The two discussed conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 as well as The Sand Hook school shooting.

“Sandy Hook?” Kelly asked of Jones in a roundup of his various conspiracy theories.

“That’s complicated because I’ve had debates where we devil’s advocates said the whole story is true, then I’ve had debates where I’ve said none of it is true,” Jones responded.

“When you say parents faked their children’s death, people get very angry,” Kelly said, almost in a childlike tone.

When Jones tried to pivot to talk about “evil wars,” Kelly responded with a soft smile, “That’s a dodge.”

“That doesn’t excuse what you did and said about Newtown,” she continued in almost a mocking tone. “You know it.”


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