Man In Carpool Lane Caught With An Undead Passenger

In life, there are any number of inconveniences that can afflict us on any given day. Perhaps this is what truly defines our life: The way in which we steady the ship when all of the waves are crashing in on us from every direction, day in and day out, until just getting to dinner time feels like a bit of an accomplishment.

Can’t sleep well. Wake up too late. Cold shower. Then, of course, traffic.

One man in Texas thought that he might have a clever solution to that last bit of trouble…and it was seasonally festive as well.

A Texas motorist with some serious dedication to the spooky season was busted trying to use the carpool lane with a skeleton riding shotgun. The wacky incident occurred along a highway near the city of Katy earlier this week and was detailed in a pun-filled Facebook postby the office of Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5.

The jokesters on the force had a heyday with the puns.

According to the department, officers “had a feeling in their bones that something wasn’t right” when they spotted the vehicle with a peculiar ‘passenger’ cruising along in the HOV lane.

“Our deputies saw right through the ruse and issued the driver a bone-afide citation,” the post gleefully revealed, adding that “after a sternum lecture, deputies wished him bone voyage!”

And, just because this photo has to be seen to be believed:

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