Liz Cheney Kicked Out Of Republican Party!


The Republican Party has voted to no longer recognize Liz Cheney as a Republican because you are judged by the company you keep. It won’t hurt them politically since her approval rating is an anemic 19%. She is up for reelection in 2022 at which time the coroner will officially declare her political career dead. She still claims she is a Republican even as she works for and votes with Nancy Pelosi.

Cheney’s anti-trump rage is only surpassed by perennial liar Adam Schiff. Cheney is one of ten Re4publicand who voted for the impeachment OF Trump even though he committed no crime. Two of the ten who voted for impeachment have already resigned as the polls showed them losing badly. But both of them had much higher approval ratings than Cheney. Her ratings are lower than the ratings for cockroaches, lawyers, and peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.

Jeremy Adler, spokesperson for Cheney said:

“She is bound by her oath to the Constitution. Sadly a portion of the Wyoming GOP leadership has abandoned that fundamental principle and instead allowed themselves to be held hostage to the lies of a dangerous and irrational man.” 

The vote could well be in response to a speech she gav3e in New Hampshire where she bashed Trump. CNN claims she has a path to the ptresid3ncy because of that speech. Ted Cruz agreed. he says that path is the Democratic primary.

Cheney said:

“At this moment when it matters most, we are also confronting a domestic threat that we’ve never faced before: a former president who’s attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional Republic, aided by political leaders who have made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man.”

From The Blaze

She went on in the speech to rebuke the policies of Biden and the Democratic Party and enumerate the principles of conservatism as she saw them.

Cheney is facing a list of primary challengers for the at-large seat for Wyoming. Trump has endorsed Cheyenne attorney Harriet Hageman.

“Liz Cheney stopped recognizing what Wyomingites care about a long time ago,” Hageman claimed. “When she launched her war against President Trump, she completely broke with where we are as a state.”

Cheney responded to the endorsement with a defiant message: “Bring it.”

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  6. What did you expect? Her Father was a war monger who had his head so far up the EVIL Bushes arse he couldn’t see. Truly a vile man who LIED about the bogus WMD’s. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree! They do are bent on humanities demise!

    1. BUsh, who buddies up with the Clintons and Obama’s all part of the DEEP state! And all buddies with the Cheney’s! They all vile, evil Lucifarian’s to the very end!

      1. Clintons, Bush and Obama are ALL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL  USERS ALL THEIR LIVES….they don’t like “clean” drug free people.

      2. the bush family is and was just corrupt,to this day.
        just like clinton, obama, never should have stepped in to our white house, chaney is a disgrace to this nation,just like her father. get rid of her asap, she is not worth knowing.

  7. Cheney adhering to her OATH is THE biggest Joke I’ve heard in YEARS!!!   She doesn’t deserve to be a Republican, in fact, she doesn’t deserve to be an American, and for ALL practical purposes She ISN’T an American!!!


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  15. We are also working behind the scene in South Carolina to get rid of
    Tom Rice.  We have an excellent replacement.  State representative
    RUSSELL FRY.  He is a true Conservative who agrees with Trump on the
    issues but he is his own man. 

    1. Good deal. That is what we need elected.
      No more POLITICIANS. 
      Only CONSERVATIVE “republicans”, which I hate to use “republican” to identify them,  as the old school republicans are no longer an AMERICA FIRST breed, they are NO DIFFERENT than the demonRats…. they are elitists, and they view us as their underlings… less than them, and the rules only apply to us “servants”. We are to SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND OBEY every decree the man (or woman) in charge tells us to do.
      Funny thing is… they still can’t get that done, as we still have our guns. And that is what the UN is trying to change. Eventually, they will stop the import of ammo, from all foreign countries,  and all the domestic manufacturers will be forced (if not already owned by the Left) to only sell to the GOVERNMENT.
      BETTER BE ABLE TO MAKE YOUR OWN CARTRIDGES. Get into reloading what calibers you own. Stock up on primers and powders, bullets, and casings. Without those supplies, you only have an expensive CLUB to protect yourself with.

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  19. She’s TOAST.
    Her family support the NWO. Supports the UN mandating what Americans can and will do. 
    She’s gone, at least from the “republican party “, but I’m betting she’ll flop over to the demonRat party, without a problem.

  20. How can Democrats continue to lie about the good WE THE PEOPLE and the world derived from President Trump’s policies, and, yet, continue to praise the failed policies of the present administration?  Are Democrats braindead or simply confirmed liers!

    1. That’s easy to answer:  The LIEberals have lost touch with reality!!  They prefer to live in their own little bubble of LIES and DISTORTIONS!  Those bubbles are about to be BURST!!  Have fun!!

  21. From RINO to INO, Independemt in Name ONLY.  She had a real opportunity to serve her constitutints and the nation.  She has failed to live up to her oath of office.  It will be interesting to see if Wyoming’s voters in November recognize that she is not fit to serve another term in the House.  
    I had hoped that she was a conservative.  The Republican Party has learned that she is not a Republican.  These are my opinions based,  course, by the things Liz-ard has done in her PRESENT TERM in office.  Hopefully this will be her last LAST TERM as a House member.

  22. We the people are Ashamed of you! So many lies. Speaking of lies & coverups, why did you & John hide the truth about what took place onboard that Vessel & the countless lives lost because of John. Why did John act as if it was to be expected for him to spill his guts as a hostage saying everyone else did as well. When there are even Women Soldiers who did not. Lastly, if you two are so sainted, why was John colluding with the likes of George Soros pretty much all the way up to the end. I feel so sorry for your daughter. She will now have to carry your & John’s shame on her & her family to her & their grave. All because you were offended by someone who called out your husband after being attacked by your husband. If you don’t believe that their was an enormous amount of Fraud and Multiple Copies of Illegal Votes and stealing & cheating the night of the election when it looked as if Trump was going to win, only to kick out everyone who could see what they were doing under the cover of night & the many days that followed, then you are blind. Perhaps you actually Hate President Trump so much that even when the truth is uncovered after we regain the party with President Trump (God’s own ordained & elected President) then likely you will still support the Democratic Party even then. God Help You! Just leave. 

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