Liberals Are Angry That Trump Is Doing More Good Than Obama Ever Did

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Former President Barack Obama could have used his time in office to help his home city of Chicago to curb violence, but he didn’t. Instead, he thought gun control was the better way to go. Now liberals are angry because President Trump has done more good than Obama ever did. How does that make sense??

This week President Trump announced that Operation Legend would be expanded by providing additional resources to the city of Chicago.

President Trump is cleaning up the mess that Obama has a chance to fix. During his presidency in 2009, the Guardian reported that in the space of a year, 42 people were murdered “within a short drive of Barack Obama’s home.”

The centre of the blood-letting is the city’s poor and overwhelmingly black South Side, precisely the spot where Michelle grew up and Barack set out on his self-proclaimed “improbable journey” as a community organiser in his 20s. The geographical compactness of the carnage is spelled out inside the offices of the Black Star Project, an education programme for young black people. On the wall is a big map of the city. In the middle of the map, close to Lake Michigan, is a letter “A” pinpointing where the Obamas live. Yellow stickers cluster around the “A” like darts around the bullseye. Each one stands for a child under 18 who has died violently. The stickers all lie within black neighbourhoods of the city, while the white neighbourhoods are sticker-free. It is as if there are two Chicagos, two Americas, superimposed on the same map.

When Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked about the help President Trump was providing for the city she went on an anti-Trump rant. However, she said the city would still be accepting the help being provided.

These Democrats are so blinded by their unfounded hate that it gets in the way of actually doing what is right.

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