Liberal State Now Attempting To Kneecap Second Amendment

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Anyone who considers themselves a true patriot who holds what the Constitution says close to their heart is finding themselves checking off a list of states not to visit under any circumstances.

Sure, we’ve all put California on our “Do Not Travel To” lists a long time ago, but it seems that another state has decided to take the document that tells us what our rights are and trampled all over it.

Colorado’s liberally controlled State House this week passed a bill that would ban the sale and transfer of semiautomatic firearms. The bill passed by a 35-27 vote and is now on its way to the State Senate, which is also infested with liberals.

If this bill passes and is signed into law in the Rocky Mountain state, it will join ten other states that have significant prohibitions on our Second Amendment rights.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that most of the Colorado Democrats who voted to make this weapons ban a law haven’t read their copies of the Constitution too clearly.

Looking at mine earlier today, I kept repeating a part of the Second Amendment that liberal politicians have just plain decided to ignore. The part that says, “shall not be infringed”.

A person who’s correct in their thinking would look at that part of the Second Amendment and understand that those words mean that there cannot be any limits on what kind of firearms you keep for your own personal defense.

With this proposed ban in Colorado, all liberals are doing is putting more and more citizens in danger by limiting what they can use to protect themselves.

Colorado liberals are effectively telling you, “Sure, you can defend yourself if someone is breaking into your house and trying to steal your things. However, because we think guns are big and scary, here’s a Derringer we got from a guy that used to work on the set of Gunsmoke.”

What I am trying to say here friends, is that we conservatives try to think of as many possibilities and plan for them so that we aren’t caught off guard.

At least when it comes to the ownership of firearms, liberals are trying to make it so that if something does happen where you need to make the decision to pull the trigger you aren’t prepared for the worst case scenario.

And when you have to fire a weapon to protect yourself, that is always the worst case scenario. Your basic right to your own safety should not be kneecapped.

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