Krauthammer: “America Is Back”

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Charles Krauthammer, columnist for The Washington Post, appeared on Fox New’s “Special Report” and spoke positively about President Trump’s visit to the Middle east, stating that Trump’s ability to unify Sunni nations against the Iranian regime shows that “America is back”.

“I understand the theme, the three great religions, trying to tie them all together to make it look somewhat nonpolitical,” Krauthammer said. “But the real story is not the Vatican. It’s not even the Israeli trip. It is the realignment of American policy over Iran, getting the 50 Sunni nations lined up with Saudi Arabia, behind us. This is a new day in the Middle East, and it’s going to have reverberations for many years. That’s the story. It’s a new Middle East right now. America is back. That’s the story, and the consequences are going to be immense.


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