CNN’s Dana Bash Actually Said Something Nice About Trump

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CNN’s Dana Bash actually offered a little bit, and rare, praise for POTUS Trump saying that it was “positive” that he “actually answers questions”.

Cash and Wolf Blitzer talked about Trump’s comments regarding the firing of James Comey.

“I wanna start out on the positive,” she began. “The positive is…one of the reasons Donald Trump is so different from everybody else is something we should applaud.”

“He actually answers questions,” the CNN chief political correspondent said.

The praise didn’t last too long, as Bash went on to say how, in this case, Trump’s willingness to answer questions threw his Vice President and other aides under the bus.

Trump sometimes answers questions “to the dismay of many of his staffers who were out there on a limb saying something completely opposite,” she explained.

Nonetheless, she said, he answers “in a way that seems to be true.”

“I mean, what he said is the real deal. He was going to fire James Comey.”


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