Kamala Harris BUSTED In What Turns Out To Be The Most Awkward Moment Of The DNC

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Democrats are trying to sell the idea that everyone should be scared for their lives because of the coronavirus and want people to believe that they are the heroes during this pandemic.

So when it came time for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, they held the non-convention in an empty arena and most of the speakers appeared virtually.

Kamala Harris delivered an unbearably long speech with a screen behind her which was supposed to show 30 Democratic women voters from New Jersey. When Harris finally wrapped up her speech the women appeared on the screen cheering and clapping for the prospective vice president.

But if you look closely and pause the video at the right time you might notice something a little strange about the women projected up on the screen. There aren’t 30 people up there, some of them are duplicates of the same person!

The Daily Caller reported,

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) appeared to duplicate some of its livestream crowd members after California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’ speech Wednesday evening.

Harris ended Wednesday’s virtual DNC with a roughly 17-minute speech about her history and racism in America today, The New York Times reported. Harris also spoke about why Americans should vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, saying that he “will bring us together.”

After her speech, the DNC panned to a virtual crowd clapping and cheering for Harris and Biden, who joined his running mate on stage. Three of these individuals were shown more than once.

They could not even find 30 different Democrat women to live-stream the convention. It was an incredibly awkward moment to watch that lasted far too long. Then, Biden comes out and stands very far away from Harris and lifts his arms up in what looks like an attempted embrace except there’s at least ten feet between them. I guess they couldn’t even bear the idea of touching.

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