Jussie Smollett’s Attacker Has Been Arrested

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One of the two men who were falsely accused of assaulting Jussie Smollett in a staged attack has been arrested for speeding. According to the police, Ola Osundairo was flying down the street in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park going more than 30MPH over the speed limit.In the video taken of the incident, Ola tried and failed to attempt to talk his way out of the crime with the cops by claiming his innocence. Sources from law enforcement say that they clocked him going 81MPH in a 45MPH zone. In many states, including Illinois, 25MPH over the speed limit can lead to instant jail time with no warnings. That is exactly what happened to Ola.

Ola’s recollection of events that day tells a very different story. He claims that he was driving the posted speed limit, in his girlfriend’s Jeep, and the officer had no grounds to arrest him.

The police report reveals that Ola tried to pull the “don’t you know who I am?” card, which backfired when the cop stated he didn’t know who he was. However, the video does not show this part of the interaction and Ola’s attorney, Gloria Schmidt, says that Ola denies saying something so cliché.
The whole thing ended with Ola being taken to the Orland Park Police Station and being booked for a Class A misdemeanor for speeding 35+ over the posted speed limit.Ola was bailed out later that same night.

Ola’s attorney says he will also be filing a complaint against the police officers because they towed the Jeep he was driving instead of releasing it to his girlfriend, who actually owned the vehicle.

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