IS THIS A JOKE?? Capitol Police Given BIKE RACKS To Fend Off Angry Protesters

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It appears that the White House is ready to move on from the events that transpired on January 6th and in doing so have the fence surrounding the building torn down. I suppose this is a sign of trust from the WH in hopes that things can start getting back to normal around here.

So what’s to stop an angry mob from barging onto the property and destroying the Capitol Building all over again? A makeshift fence made of bike racks. That’s the best our Democratic-run government could provide and Capitol Police officers are outraged.

If you recall … bike racks were used by the insurrectionists as weapons against the police, and our sources say the Capitol cops feel the much larger fencing provided more safety and protection from potential future riots.

Also, the bike racks didn’t do much to stop an attack last time … so we’re told, many Capitol Police officers are incredulous at this plan being repeated.

In addition, our sources say there are concerns over Capitol Police having enough manpower to secure the building without the fence … because more than 75 members have left the force since Jan. 6, and we’re told more are planning to quit.

We’re told the remaining officers want the fence to be kept up until proper training’s completed to prepare for potential future attacks, but until then many are feeling apprehensive … especially with D.C. tourism back in full swing.

It’s worth mentioning that the extra barricades built up around The White House over the past year had already been taken down earlier this week so there was nothing to stop anyone who wanted to do some damage from walking right up to the North Lawn.

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