Internet Trolls Tease Wall Street Bigshots With Billboards All Over The Country

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The saga of Reddit’s Wall Street Bets community will be studied and expounded upon for decades to come.  There are undoubtedly several movie scripts being bandied about the usual Hollywood haunts as we speak, with elevator pitches including lines about this script being “undersold” as well.

At this point in the story, the Redditors are still convinced that their holding of GameStop stock will trigger what’s known as a “short squeeze” in the stock market, turbo-blasting the stock to the moon.

But, for many, this is all about the amount of pain that they can inflict on the hedge funds who had so viciously tried to end GameStop altogether, including taunting these Wall Street sharks at every opportunity.

This weekend, across the country, a number of billboards began display pro-GameStop messages.

The billboards show a unified support for the investors who have driven up the price of GameStop – which was at $2.57 at its lowest point last year – to over $483 a share.

“$GME GO BRRR” read a digital billboard in New York City, with brrr referring to the sound a money-printing machine makes.

The West Coast similarly joined in, with an airplane flying over Santa Monica reading “WE ARE ALL GAMESTOP WALLSTREETBETS.”

Footage and images of the billboards were soon popping up all over social media.

No one seems quite sure how this whole thing is going to shake out in the long run, but at least it’s been highly entertaining.

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