Instant Karma Slams Evil Elephant Poacher In South Africa

Sometimes the universe gives you get exactly what you deserve. If you have been a good person then you may be rewarded with an extra chicken nugget in your fast food combo meal. But if you're bad you might get that negativity back times ten.

Some people call it karma, while others simply believe that you get back what you give. The world wants balance; at least that’s what we tell ourselves in order to find comfort in the idea of cosmic justice.

In the case of a poacher who was attempting to commit a dastardly act in a South African park, this justice came in the form of a massive Pachyderm.

A suspected poacher was killed by a herd of breeding elephants that he encountered while fleeing from park rangers, according to South African officials.

Three people attempted to run away after they were spotted by rangers at the Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves, on Saturday, South African National Parks officials said.

After one of the suspects was captured, he told park rangers the group had run into a herd of elephants, adding that he was not sure if his alleged accomplice had managed to escape, officials said.

And while park rangers believe that the men were looking to poach Rhinos, there was no denying that deceased ne’er-do-well was trampled “badly” by elephants.

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