Highly Respected Hollywood Actress SLAMS Biden For Pulling The "Bait & Switch"

During the later stages of the 2020 election, the Democrats realized that desperate times called for desperate measures. It's true, the polls appeared to show that they could be victorious in November, but some were beginning to see through their plan of portraying themselves as simply “non-Trump” and coasting to victory.

So Republicans and conservative pundits began pressuring the left for their policy details. They wanted specific details about specific positions, and they wanted them long before the ballots were cast.

Some Democrats, including a couple of new Senators from Georgia, repeatedly promised that they would be sending $2,000 coronavirus stimulus checks to the American people. Then, after a deal was reached to send $600 checks out to the people, and after the Democrats took home all the marbles in the 2020 election, that $2,000 became $1,400…and people are furious about it.

Susan Sarandon is calling out President Biden and his fellow Democrats, accusing them of a “bait and switch” move regarding stimulus checks for Americans struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously promised checks of $2,000 are now being pegged around $1,400, she noted.

“the diff between $1,400 & $2K is a matter of survival,” the star wrote in a Twitter message.

The second round of stimulus checks has been a point of discussion in Washington for some time now as the pandemic’s impact on the U.S. economy and job market continues after nearly a year.

The criticism comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Sarandon has almost exclusively portrayed herself as a stanch liberal on social media, leading some to wonder if there aren’t still some fires left to be put out on the left side of the aisle?

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