Her Emotional Support Monkey Bit A Child At A Party, And Somehow She Is Blaming….

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People frequently act a little strangely during the spooky season, especially on Halloween. But one monkey has offered a whole new perspective on how crazy things can get. A monkey allegedly attacked a child who was attending a haunted house being put on by the animal’s owner.

As if Texas’ football season couldn’t get any worse. A monkey belonging to Longhorns special teams coach Jeff Banks’ Girlfriend allegedly attacked a young trick-or-treat on Halloween. But the lady claims that the child is solely to blame.

The white-faced capuchin allegedly “seriously wounded” a child during Halloween celebrations, and in order to free the child, the monkey’s jaws had to be “pried” open.

Banks’ girlfriend, pole dancer Danielle Thomas, or “Pole Assassin,” who was once a guest on “Jerry Springer,” acknowledged that something had happened but defended her monkey right away. Saying that the child went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to because she was hosting a haunted event at her home.

Early reports claimed that the monkey belonged to Banks, but Thomas claims that it is actually her emotional support animal. Gia the monkey was an “emotional support animal who [is] not to be touched,” Thomas said on social media following the assault.

I had a haunted house on one side gated off/ he had no permission to go pass the gate i had no idea he went in my back yard,” Thomas posted on Twitter before scrapping her account.

Thomas also asserts that she was unaware that her monkey had bitten anyone until a nearby doctor informed her of the “small bite.”

Gia might have been feeling underwhelmed or not in the mood for Halloween. Regardless, the animal wasn’t a part of Thomas’ Halloween celebrations at her Austin home, which also included a haunted house and maze that she encouraged families to visit and publicized on social media. But reports indicate that the child entered the “off-limits area” where the attack occurred.

The reports also added that Gia was adamant about biting the child and had to have her jaw forcibly pry free. Officials, however, did not disclose where on the body the child was bitten.

White-faced capuchin monkeys can be dangerous. Although keeping one of them as a pet can sound like fun, these monkeys are still wild creatures. They can strike out with their teeth and claws to fight if they feel threatened.

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