Her Dad Left When She Was Born With Half A Face, But Now She Is Proving He Was Totally Wrong….

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Some cowardly parents have no regard for abandoning their kids, especially after knowing that their kids are having some special disability. These kinds of people disgust me, with such cruelty the baby doesn’t deserve at all.

Yaroslava Oleinik went through this experience after she was born with half her face missing. Once her father saw her, he immediately left, never to be seen or heard from again.

Oleinik suffers from congenital health issues that resulted in her being born with no nose and no left eye.

Seventeen years later, Oleinik is on a mission to find the man who could not stand the fact that her face was disfigured at the time of her birth. The teenager wants nothing more than to find her biological father and be reunited with him.

Oleinik was born in Kostanay city in Northern Kazakhstan.

Oleinik knew she was different from a very young age. Nevertheless, even with the challenges of her condition, she was determined to pursue her dream of being a musician. She longed to share her talent with the entire world.

At the age of 14, she decided to set up an Instagram page on which she would share her music with people worldwide.

Although her father had abandoned her, she wanted to use her talent to make him proud of her.

Oleinik was a planned child, unlike most abandoned kids. Her parents were anxious to see her, but they were unaware of her congenital disability until her birth.

Although her father was looking to have a child, he chose to leave once he saw Oleinik’s face. Fortunately, her mother loved her unconditionally, even though her father did not stick around to watch her grow. According to the teenager, her mom accepted her unique appearance and took good care of her.

Her dad is a truck driver, and despite having a good salary, he never offered his family any financial assistance. Therefore, her mother had no reason to raise Oleinik without anyone’s help.

To this day, she has never met her father despite trying to find him using her music. He left after seeing her at the maternity hospital, and he has never been seen or heard from since he disappeared at the time.

Surprisingly, although she has never met the man, Oleinik is not angry at him. She hopes that he will have a change of heart and come back.

If he decides to come back, she will be welcoming and receptive even though her mother does not think it’s worth trying to get in touch with him:

“I found his profiles and tried to contact him, but he never messaged back.” My mother says: “Why are you doing this.?”

The teenager is curious about her father and what he is up to. Even though dealing with the fact that she was the reason he left was hard, she eventually learned to love herself.

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