He Was Complaining Of A Simple Stomach Ache, Within Hours He Was Dead…

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to send their children to school and have something bad happen to them.

Spare a thought then for the parents of 17-year-old Josh Gray, who went to the nurse’s office at Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas, after experiencing a stomach ache. Two short hours later, the teen, who was by all accounts an active, healthy young man, was dead.

On January 12, Josh went to the school nurse at Dawson High School in Texas complaining of a stomachache. Tragically, the 17-year-old died just hours after complaining of the stomachache.

Doctors revealed that the artery connected to Josh’s pancreas ruptured, and as a result of that, his pancreas ruptured as well. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop the bleeding. Doctors said that there was no way to see this tragedy happening, making the circumstances even more worrisome.

“He went from going to school yesterday morning — normal day, happy — to having a stomach ache, to within two hours not being with us anymore,” Josh’s mother, Laurie Gray, told KHOU.

Josh Gray and Laurie Gray (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Josh was scheduled to embark on a mission trip, but after his sudden death, his friends planned to participate in the mission trip in his memory. “We love Josh,” said his friend Seth Blunt. “We all love Josh. He’s connected to us.”

What is even more tragic about this is there is no way to predict that this could happen. Josh’s mother, Laurie, and family, have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the unexpected funeral costs. They are also working to raise money to help researchers find a cure for rare and underlying diseases.

The sudden loss of Josh has no doubt greatly affected his family and friends, and it’s all we can do to pray for them at this most difficult of times.

If nothing else, let his untimely passing be a reminder to all that life is short and cruelly unpredictable. Live each day as if it might be your last, and always remember to be the better you’d like to see in the world. You never know when you might not get another chance.

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