He Refused To Put Is Cigarette Out At The Pump, And He Paid DEARLY For It…

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It’s common knowledge that smoking at a gas station is not a good idea and doing so can lead to some very scary repercussions. Turns out, not everyone understands this simple rule.

Hopefully, you’re not smoking a cigarette when you’re at the gas station. Perhaps you don’t smoke cigarettes at all. Either way, let this story be a warning that you should definitely not smoke a cigarette while at a gas station.

This viral video shows a stubborn man refusing to put out his cigarette at a gas station. So, an employee at the station takes it upon himself to take precautionary measures just in case something goes wrong. That he may have taught the man a lesson could just be an added bonus.

No, it is not a video of cars exploding from a gasoline fire. That would be really bad. This is more of a story of what could happen when a gas station employee decides to take precautions when he feels that the person smoking the cigarette is putting everyone at the gas station in potential danger.

In the video, we see two cars parked at the gas station. There is a person outside each vehicle waiting for the gas tank to get full. One of those people is smoking a cigarette. Some time goes by. He’s still smoking the cigarette.

Then, a gas station employee runs up to the vehicles and jumps into action making sure the cigarette smoker puts the cigarette out whether he wants to or not. Watch the video below to see the dramatic yet effective way he makes this happen.

That’s right. The gas station employee pointed a fire extinguisher at the person smoking the cigarette and left him and the inside of his vehicle covered in white powder. Did you notice that there were apparently other people inside the vehicle, and they had to evacuate the vehicle after the fire extinguisher power got inside.

This incident, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, has left viewers conflicted about whether the gas station employee was in the right or not.

One person commented, “Mythbusters proved that you cannot start a fire by dropping a lit cigarette on petrol or diesel, they tried over a thousand times, misuse of a fire extinguisher however is stupid, what happens when there is an actual fire and his extinguisher is now empty! Idiot and guilty of assault!”

On the flip side, another person wrote, “I worked in garages for years came alot of smokers, some right ignorant ones too. 1st time across the loud speaker I’d ask nicely, 2nd time I’d purposely humiliate the culprit (pump no or car type/colour), 3rd I’d walk out with extinguisher up to culprit by this time they have put out the cigarette. I was never lucky enough to use it though we had permission to do so.”

WATCH the video below:

Source: AWM

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