Dems Are Facing The Fact That They Have No Real Evidence In The Impeachment Trials

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According to Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, the fact the Senate Democrats are demanding new impeachment evidence and witnesses show that they are worried about meeting the“threshold necessary to convict President Trump.”

The member of the Senate Judiciary Committee told “America’s Newsroom,” that “It sounds to me they’re in a state of panic.” Cornyn made a point that the Democrats are finally facing the fact that their case is failing to meet the standards of a high crime or misdemeanor.

“[Democrats] realize that what they did through the partisan impeachment inquiry that was rushed in order to meet the Christmas deadline by Nancy Pelosi is not up to the standard necessary to convict and remove a president of the United States,” Cornyn went on to say.

Chief Justice John Roberts, whose main role in the impeachment trial is to issue any rulings on procedure raised by senators, the House impeachment managers or the president’s counsel, will make his way to the Senate as impeachment trial proceedings are scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon.

While Roberts could decide on evidentiary questions or objections, the chief justice could instead choose to have senators vote on those matters. However, the lawmakers could override any of Robert’s rulings with a majority vote. Because the Senators are not allowed to speak while the trial is in session, any questions they may have would be read aloud by Roberts.

One key issue that is expected to arise during the trial is whether or not to allow witnesses to be called after each side presents their arguments on the Senate floor.

The chief’s main power may only be in breaking any tie votes. During the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase made two of these such votes.

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