He Had No Idea Why Everyone Was Staring At Him, Then A Store Employee Tapped Him On The Shoulder…

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Being a parent frequently entails missing a significant number of days from work because toddlers are constantly ill. And being at home with your child might be cozy and enjoyable, but it can also be frustrating. Your infant may occasionally cry nonstop despite your best efforts and require your undivided attention.

For any parent of a sick child, the act of just going to the store to get supplies may become a genuine battle. Maxwell T. Auger is a father who is all too aware of this.

He shared his story on Facebook and here’s what he wrote:

“A few weeks ago, my daughter Chelsea was really sick. My wife had to work, and Chelsea had a temperature and couldn’t keep anything down. I had to send the babysitter home and miss work! I called the pediatrician and was given a list of things I needed to keep my baby hydrated, etc. She was doing okay, so I decided to make the trip up to Meijers to get the things we needed. My daughter was doing great. She was being such a good girl. She wasn’t whining, screaming, or crying, just being a 19-month-old lol,” the father wrote.

Throughout their shopping excursion, Chelsea behaved like a trooper. She didn’t whine, scream, or cry, which prompted Auger to reward her with a small toy to play with as they continued their errands. However, as soon as they entered the baby food aisle, the situation took a messy turn. With tears welling up in her eyes, Chelsea looked at Maxwell and suddenly vomited all over both of them and the aisle.

But despite being covered in puke, Auger still had to gather the items on their list. “I’m pushing her towards the front of the store, holding her in one arm and pushing the cart in the other. She starts puking again, ALL over me and the aisle,” Auger wrote.

He desperately hoped for assistance, but instead, onlookers gawked at them as if they were some kind of sideshow act. “Instead of helping me, people were staring! A crowd starts to form (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!), “ he wrote.

Finally, Auger spotted an employee in his peripheral vision. His voice trembled as he asked her, “Ma’am, can you please help me [wring] this stuff out? I have to get her home.” To his relief, she immediately agreed and offered to hold Auger’s vomit-covered daughter so he could remove both their puke-soaked coats.

But the employee’s kindness didn’t end there. She insisted on helping Auger with Chelsea so that he could finish shopping for the critical items on their list.  “I felt like the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders! Here is a lady who not only was willing to help, but she didn’t hesitate to hold my puke-covered, crying kid,” Auger wrote.

Auger believes that it’s essential to share his story about this extraordinary employee, Chris K., and her compassionate treatment during their time of need.

“You helped me more than I can even begin to express in words. You were an angel to my daughter and me that day, and I will NEVER forget what a complete blessing you were! You are an AWESOME human being, and I hope Meijer realizes that they have a ROCK STAR!” he said.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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