Governor Newsom Is Covering Up Secrets By Lifting Statewide Restrictions

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California Governor Gavin Newsom has had some of the harshest restrictions and most lengthy lockdowns in the entire country since the beginning of the pandemic. So it does seem rather suspicious that he would suddenly lift the lockdowns without a reasonable explanation. Except that this sudden change of heart came right after someone went poking around the data he used to initiate the lockdowns in the first place.

During her show “Final Thoughts” host Tomi Lahren asked, “If Newsom and his Democrat pals are so elite and skilled at handling the pandemic, why the heck are they refusing to disclose COVID shutdown data?”

The Associated Press recently released a report which details the secrecy behind one of the longest and most strict lockdowns in the country after a request to view the science and data that Newsom used to justify the lockdowns was denied claiming that the release of the data would confuse the public.

Several days later, Newsom announced his plans to lift the order that had residents stay home except for “essential activities.” Fed-up California residents welcomed the news but Lahren is skeptical of the Governor’s sudden change of heart.

“Without explanation, data, or science, all of a sudden outdoor dining, houses of worship, hair and nail salons, and most other businesses got their ‘permission’ to reopen,” said Lahren. “Just like that.”

“Gavin, what are you hiding?” she asked. “Did ICU capacity climb above 15%? Nope. The area has an ICU capacity of 9%.”

“Seems to me the misleading and uncertain thing here is why Governor Newsom and Posey are being so secretive,” said Lahren. “If there’s some science-based reasoning for this reopening change of heart, I know I’d like to hear it.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Newsom has been one of the most aggressive state executives when it comes to restrictions. He was the first one to impose a statewide shutdown back in March.

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