Gutfeld Smacksdown the CNN ‘Hall Monitor” and It Was Pretty Hysterical

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Greg Gutfield of the FOX News show “The Five” takes CNN to task over their decided lack of humor. In this funny video, he rakes their responders over the coals and shows just how humorless and infantile that they really are. Greg is always snarky when he is showing up the behavior of the mainstream media and this outtake is no exception. You will enjoy this even if CNN does not.

As Written and reported by the Daily Caller:

While discussing the media uproar concerning President Donald Trump’s CNN wrestling tweet Monday, Greg Gutfeld, co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” called CNN’s Brian Stelter a “tattletale” and “hairless hall monitor.”

Trump has received sharp criticism from media outlets for posting the tweet in which he takes down the CNN logo in a WWE ring. Gutfeld said that people who can’t laugh at something like this are just “humorless libs” who “ignore real incitement,” instead chasing things that don’t matter.

“You know what I did when I first saw the tweet? I laughed,” Gutfeld said. “I showed to to my brother-in-law, who laughed. He showed it to his wife, she laughed. Then we had breakfast, because that’s what normal people do.”

“While the media pretends it’s the end of the world, the world knows better,” he added.


Fox To CNN’s Stelter: Lighten Up Francis | The Daily Caller


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