Greedy School Won’t Refund Students’ Tuition Even Though The Campus Is Closed

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Students are outraged because while Columbia University has shut down its campus during the pandemic, it’s refusing to refund any tuition. The university literally has billions at its disposal and is not hurting for money so students have a right to be pissed off.

One student has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Ivy League school claiming that even though Columbia followed the rules by closing its campus and offering all its classes online, the school refuses to give back any tuition and fees paid by the students. The student filed anonymously for fear of reprisals.

According to some documents, the student says they are entitled to their money back because even though the school is offering online classes, they do not provide the benefits they have already paid for upfront, such as face to face instruction, access to campus facilities, and student activities.

The average tuition at this particular school can be around $60,000 not to mention thousands of dollars on room and board as well as books and other supplies so it’s not exactly cheap. What really got this student upset is they claim Columbia is sitting on a $10.9 billion endowment, so in the grand scheme of things refunding the students would be pocket change for the school. The student says they have already paid a substantial amount of money in tuition and other fees.

The anonymous student also says that the cost of an online-only degree from Columbia is about 17% cheaper than a traditional degree.

Other schools such as Pace University, Michigan State, Perdue, Drexel, and Liberty are also being sued by different students for similar reasons.

So far Columbia and Pace have refused to comment on these allegations.

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