Man In Lockdown Goes To The Extreme To Stop A Toothache

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With the lockdown still in effect, many people are going to the extreme to have their needs met. I’m not talking about a bad hair cut or a DIY manicure. What this man did to himself is extremely dangerous and should never be done at home by an unprofessional.

Billy Taylor, a 33-year-old father in the UK is not a dentist. However, he took matters into his own hands when one of his teeth got infected and yanked it out with a pair of pliers.

When Taylor’s local dentists’ office closed its doors due to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus he was unable to get an emergency dental appointment. So when the pain became too unbearable he looked up some dental procedures on YouTube and after a quick online tutorial and a couple of shots of whiskey, Taylor pulled out his bad tooth with a pair of pliers.

The entire process took about an hour, but Billy finally got the tooth out. He says it was “bloody painful” and “hideous” and wouldn’t recommend anyone try this unless they really know what they are doing, which he didn’t!!

Dr. Heather Winther spoke to reporters on “TMZ Live” to explain why at-home dentistry is a terrible and dangerous idea.

According to the doctor, the biggest danger is not being able to pull out the entire tooth, which could lead to even bigger problems where you’ll end up at the dentists’ office regardless.

For anyone out there thinking that this still might be a good idea, most statewide quarantines allow for emergency dental appointments, especially if you are in severe pain. So leave things like this to the professionals.

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