Gene Simmons Shocks Panel with 2024 Prediction After Trump Indictment

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Gene Simmons, famous as the frontman for the group KISS, made a bold prediction about Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency next year on Piers Morgan’s show in the U.K. last week in the wake of the latest political indictment of the former president.

Speaking on Thursday on Morgan’s TalkTV show, “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” the 73-year-old rocker and reality show star let it all out and revealed what he thinks the political left just did for Donald Trump with this indictment.

Indeed, Simmons feels that the left has just handed Trump a second term in the White House.

When Morgan put the question directly to Simmons about who will be elected president in 2024, Simmons didn’t hesitate and simply replied: “Donald Trump.”

The bold prediction surprised Morgan, and brought gasps from the panel.


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“Wow,” Morgan exclaimed, while one of Morgan’s guests quickly jumped in to blast Simmons, wondering how anyone could ignore the indictments and the multiple allegations of misconduct Trump has faced.

But Morgan defended Simmons, to a point, over his Biden vs. Trump answer, saying, “He’s not making a judgment. He just says he thinks he’s going to win.”

For his part, Simmons went on to explain what he meant.

“I’m not even saying that I’m for it, but I tell you if I was Mr. Trump – I think Mr. Biden is an ethical man and so forth. I call both “Mr.” out of respect,” he said.

But he then noted that, “Someone is going to run a 30-second sizzle reel showing Mr. Biden falling down.”

Clearly, Simmons thinks that Biden’s evident infirmities and advanced age will be his downfall in 2024.

According to Daily Express US, earlier in the broadcast, Morgan brought up his own and Simmons’ appearance on Trump’s pre-presidency TV show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” and noted that Trump is today “roaring ahead in the polls to become Republican nominee.”

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Morgan cited a widely reported Biden gaffe on Thursday in which he called mistakenly used “president” as the title of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“Given the state of Joe Biden right now, even calling our prime minister ‘Mr. President’ today, you couldn’t bet against Trump getting re-elected, could you?” Morgan asked Simmons.

“There is a decent chance,” Simmons replied. “You have to understand that America is physically larger than Europe, and in the same way, the U.K. is not one group of people… it’s not one people.”

“America, likewise. New York and L.A. is not Wisconsin and Nebraska,” Simmons told Morgan and his audience.


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Simmons was a Trump supporter back in 2016, but recently insisted that Trump was a “disappointment” as president. But with the mental disabilities Biden is evincing, he said he felt Trump will prevail.

“For the record, when [Trump] first ran in 2016 and got elected, I was happy,” Simmons said in November of last year, according to Newsweek. But he went on to say that he has major reservations about Biden.

“I thought Biden was gonna come in and be a major force,” Simmons added. “I’ve got some big reservations about the man — not about his ethics and morality, but just about his physical ability to do all that.”

Regardless, Simmons is right that millions of Americans have felt so abused by the powers that be that they won’t believe anything federal officials and the establishment media say against Donald Trump.

They love Trump and won’t be talked out of it by biased “reporters” and crooked “prosecutors.” And many more just won’t vote for Joe Biden because he seems like he is both physically and mentally unfit for the office.

To many, as things stand now, it is all a recipe for Donald Trump to win the 2024 election.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.



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