Biden Just Got Snubbed by Top Democrat Group

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The approval polls for President Biden have made Democrats very scared. It appears Biden continues to lose support among many groups. Some of these groups are must-wins for the Democrat in the next election.

Signs point to Biden losing young voters, Hispanic voters, and black voters. Without these groups, he will have a hard time getting re-elected.

But the bad news continues for the controversial Democrat. He is losing support among yet another group commonly associated with the left. The president’s campaign manager was scheduled to meet with leaders at an event. But at the last minute, they kicked him off the roster.

From The Post Millennial:
The Muslim and Arab community in Dearborn, Michigan canceled its meeting with the Biden campaign.

City officials and Arab and Muslim leaders decided to terminate the planned meeting with President Biden’s campaign manager due to the administration’s support towards Israel in its war against Hamas. The meeting was supposed to take place on Friday afternoon, according to the Detroit News.

The Muslim and Arab community in Michigan (which is considerable) canceled a scheduled meeting with Biden’s campaign manager. Assad Turfe, the deputy county executive of Wayne County, had arranged the meeting.

But he canceled the meeting saying, “there was definitely a lot of outrage” among Muslims when they learned about it. Why are Muslims suddenly upset with President Biden? Because of his continued support for the nation of Israel, as it wars against terror group Hamas.

This does not make Muslim Americans look good, to be sure. They appear to be outraged over Israel fighting a group that massacred 1,200 civilians. But this is a growing problem for Biden and Israel-supporting Democrats.

Progressives have already sided with anti-Israel groups, accusing Biden of supporting “genocide.” Muslims will surely break from the left if Biden continues to aid Israel’s campaign against Hamas.

It is unclear if Biden would do the unthinkable and turn on Israel, just to protect his re-election. America has long supported the one Jewish state in the world. The U.S. offers military aid to the nation, which is under constant threat from its neighbors.

But progressives and Muslim Americans are opposed to Israel’s fight with Hamas. If Biden is unable to win these groups back, perhaps many will not vote for him. That would be a major loss for Democrats, which could give Republicans the White House—and more.


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