GA Governor Will Be Arrested If Pro-Trump Lawyer Gets His Way

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Despite the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of these United States, there is still a fire burning on the right side of the aisle as MAGA-aligned Republicans continue to suggest that Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him.

Among them is lawyer Lin Wood – not an official part of the Trump team, but still going to bat for No. 45 on the daily.

This week, Wood had a fairly stunning statement on the subject of ongoing investigations into the contest.

Attorney Lin Wood has doubled down on his Georgia voter fraud conspiracy by predicting that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will “end up in handcuffs” for refusing to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.

In a video posted to Twitter early Monday by @PatriotTakes, Wood tells an unnamed interviewer that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Lt. Governor Geoffrey Duncan, Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, and Attorney General Chris Carr will all be arrested soon.

Wood didn’t specify the allegations against the Georgia officials that led to these predictions. Last year, Kemp, Duncan, Raffensperger, and Carr repeatedly refused Trump’s request to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in the state.

Donald Trump’s infamous phone call to Raffensberger is presumably still under investigation, as legal trouble continues to pile up for the former President.

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, another attorney who believes that the election was rigged, have been kept at an arm’s length by the Trump team.

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