Outrage After Biden Staff Kick Arab-Americans Out Of Event

At a speaking engagement in Michigan, former Second Lady Jill Biden was giving a speech since Joe can't get out there and do it.

We know that the left has an awful history of accusing anyone who's not them of being racist.

But what's remarkable is that they just demonstrated that they are actually the ones who are guilty of that very thing and this happened when a group of about twenty Arab American men was not permitted on the premises to hear Jill Biden speak.

According to 100% Fed Up:

A video taken by a Muslim-American who lives in the Dearborn area reveals how “welcoming” the Biden campaign is of Arab-Americans.

While there isn’t any evidence of Trump treating Muslim Americans poorly—thanks to Jill Biden’s event last week, there is evidence of the Biden campaign treating Arab-American men poorly.

A group of about 15-20 Arab-American men, who according to our source, registered for the Jill Biden event and came with copies of their confirmation, were kicked off of a sidewalk on Warren Ave., just outside of Jill Biden’s pathetically small gathering. As Secret Service and police officers were aggressively moving the dozen or so Arab-American men off the sidewalk and brick wall around the parking lot, the men can be heard saying that they signed up for the event. “We were invited,” adding, “We all got emails from the campaign, to be here!” one of the men exclaimed. “Get over there!” the Secret Service agent told them, as he shooed men holding Biden-Harris signs away from the event, and across the street.

The men were removed by officials. The men spoke up about the fact that they were supporters of Biden and had even been invited by email to attend the campaign. As a result, the men had signed up to attend the campaign.

While everyone in America may not be a Democrat, it is certainly unfathomable to think that those who are Democratic supporters are not allowed to attend the meetings where Jill Biden speaks simply because of being Arab Americans.

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