Explosions at Ariana Grande Concert; Fatalities Reported!

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Looks like a dirty bomb (nail bomb) was denoted at the scene.

At an Ariana Grande convert in England today, two loud bangs, described as explosions, rocked the show. This sent scores of people running out of the venue.

People quickly took to Twitter, describing that there was blood everywhere, people were injured and bleeding. The concert was held at the Manchester Arena … the explosions occurred at the end of Grande’s concert.

One person in attendance tweeted, “Just ran from an explosion, genuinely thought were going to die.”

Several people who were present, now, are stating that that there was no explosion but rather very loud bang. This crated a stampede and that’s what caused people to get injured.

The Greater Manchester Police stated that there are, in fact, a number of confirmed fatalities.

Ariana Grande, almost two years ago, was recorded on video saying anti-American remarks. “I Hate Americans. I Hate America.”


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