Eight Republicans Have Turned Their Backs On The Second Amendment

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On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a universal background check gun control bill, which criminalizes private gun sales outside of an FBI background check.

Essentially, if it passes the Senate, we won’t be able to privately sell or gift guns without the government approving it.

The Democrat legislation, H.R. 8, was sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson and passed with a vote of 227 to 203. That means eight Republican representatives sold out their constituents and voted to pass the bill.

CNN reports the eight Republicans were:

Vern Buchanan of Florida
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Maria Salazar of Florida
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Fred Upton of Michigan
Carlos Gimenez of Florida
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

Vox notes that Fitzpatrick, Smith, and Upton not only voted for the gun control measure but “co-sponsored it.” Seriously??

Breitbart reports:

H.R. 8 would expand retail point-of-sale background checks so as to cover private points-of-sale. This will criminalize an individual who sells a 5-shot revolver to a lifelong neighbor unless that neighbor first undergoes a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check, conducted by the FBI.

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) warned that this will lead straight to a national gun registry. He said, “This bill creates a de facto gun registry by involving the federal government in every gun transfer, including private transfers and gifts, or else how will we enforce these requirements?”

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